Floor Kids looked at all the other musical games and how they demand that players submit to their rhythms, beats & melodies, and it thought: "nahhh not for me, i'll be happy just to let 'em dance along".
And so i've been dancing along with Floor Kids for a bit!

Floor Kids by MERJ Media is a game that's all about breakdancing to your heart's content. With this and only this in mind, it couldn't care less about conventional game structures, character arcs, quests, gameplay loops that get richer and more complex at each level... Instead, the game presents itself to you in an almost provocative way: "hi hey choose who you wanna be, here's how you play, now go on the streets, do some moves & i'm confident you'll learn along the way, don't be shy". Sure, you gain access to a full playlist of songs as time goes on so you always have something fresh to dance to, as well as new characters who have different styles; but they're only here to give you more options so you can try them all and find the one you feel most close to. It's all up to you.

What's also up to you is how you dance during each song: this isn't a rhythm game that forces you to do specific inputs in specific timings, it's more of a framework in which you have a lot of room to play as you like. Feel the music, react to it as you please, look at your scribbly character wiggling their way through the beats and decide on the fly what will be the next move. Maybe you'll perform a combo or two in the process, follow the cues the developers have put together to guide you, but above all else find your style and your fun.

Floor Kids is a game -or perhaps, a breakdancing toy- made by people who dance and make music, and it succeeds in making you feel like you're dancing too, to the rhythm of each small plastic button you're pushing with your fingers.

characters from Floor Kids: Raquette, Ruckus, O-Live and Noogie