Today i went to see my doctor and she diagnosed me a severe case of Games Industry fatigue. If you don't know what this condition is, some common symptoms include:

Yeah, the corporate side of the videogames world is getting more and more alien and overwhelming to me these days.

Games, and videogames in particular, are a wide, fascinating medium of experimentation full of surprises and wonders. No two games are identical, and the same game is never played in identical ways by two persons. Games can connect vastly sifferent persons through simple rules and conventions, vulnerability and discoveries, and yet here we are, arguing with each other over anything and nothing at the same time, disconnecting ourselves from the games and each other. The 'games industry' as it exists does not seem like a very fun place to be in.

But i'm tired of complaining and being grumpy and thinking we should destroy the industry (although, yeah, it wouldn't be bad) or thinking that maybe i would be better off elsewhere. I have decided to replace the words "games industry" by the plural, more mysterious and inviting to exploration "games spaces", and i have decided to find the nice things that exist in the game spaces again.

So what's nice in the games spaces? What's helping me wake up every day wanting to make games and play games ?
Here are some things that are currently relevant to me:

The games industry is not a very fun place, but there sure are lots of other, more interesting places across the games spaces. The very act of writing this text just makes me feel a bit better by letting me remember the reasons why i enjoy what i do, and why i am so lucky to be able to enjoy it. I want to keep my focus and energy on the nice things, and maybe along with other people and friends we'll be able to carve ourselves the cosiest place in the games universe, where we'll be able to live fully and peacefully.

If this has made you think about the things you find nice in the games spaces, please tell me about them, i'd be very interested to read it! You can reach me on twitter @Remi_Tootata.